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Hey everyone!

I am Alex Trevino, a partner here at Movie to Movement and Your Film Fund. On top of the work I do here, I also own and operate a production company out of San Antonio (go spurs go!), Texas called Project 36. My goal with the production company is to partner with non-profits and to give them the tools they need (films) to give a voice to the work they do. One such partnership I am glad to have is with The Alexander House.

They are a non profit located in San Antonio with the sole mission of saving marriages. Greg and Julie, the founders, are two of the most wonderful people I have ever met and I am so glad to be working with them on their amazing apostolate. Project 36 will collaborate with The Alexander House starting in January 2016, and here are the different things we will be doing together throughout the year:

  1. Create new testimonial videos to feature on the website.
  2. Provide a branding/promotional video to place on the website, social media and for special events throughout the year.
  3. The Alexander House will provide curriculum to already existing short films that Project 36 has produced, and distribute these lesson plans to churches, schools, etc. to help form good leaders.
  4. Project 36 will produce a 30-45 minute documentary with The Alexander House, inspired by the incredible book written by Greg and Julie Alexander about their journey and how they made their marriage work.
  5. Begin developing a series of fictional short films about marriage. The plan is to make one short film a year for the next 5-7 years, tackling the biggest issues that come up in marriage.

We are very excited to begin working on all these great things, in the hope of saving marriages all around the world. And we need your help. By giving a tax-deductible donation to The Alexander House, you will be contributing to the projects above and help them in their mission of helping families. Since the non profit opened 15 years ago, The Alexanders have worked with thousands of couples throughout the world on the brink of divorce, and have saved many many of these couples. They have done so much good in our society with very little advertising, publicity, or attention. By producing this content, I hope to empower The Alexander House in a truly great way, and make their non-profit a force for good in our world.

Take a look at the different levels and rewards, and I hope you are able to contribute to this operation. We are all truly excited to be working together, and with your help, we can truly change the world.



-Alex Trevino-





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Funding Goal


Amount Funded

Project Rewards
A very special thank you for your contribution to this project!
Your name in the credits of the documentary film "Marriage 911"
Personalized thank you video on Project 36's social media once we have reached our funding.
A DVD copy of the latest short film from Project 36, "Special Flavor".
A signed DVD of the documentary once they are ready for distribution.
Limited Edition autographed poster by the crew of the documentary.
Access to behind the scenes videos and pictures from the making of the documentary.
Associate Producer Credit for the documentary, and access to each cut of the Documentary with an opportunity to provide feedback to the project.
Executive Producer credit, VIP invite to the local premiere of the documentary with friends and family of the Alexander House.
Co-Producer Credit for the documentary, private screening of the documentary before the premiere for you and your friends in the comfort of your home!